Not sure what will happen with #CanadaElection2019 today, but whatever the result I find this piece to be a helpful long view. Why Canada Won’t Go Populist via
Canada's hegemonic liberalism makes it immune to populism, writes . It could also split the country apart.
"Particularist backlashes in Canada, then, won’t be national movements. They will manifest instead as local backlashes against liberal universalism—which is to say, against Canada’s national culture."
Just read 's piece here. Good analysis, especially on how Canadian regionalism is providing the political communitarianism that the national level rejects. This is becoming a threat to the federal level once again.
Ahead of elections today, asks: What makes Canada Canada? "Paradoxically, to be Canadian was to consciously embrace a complete lack of distinctiveness as its own form of distinctiveness."
ICYMI: One of the clear takeaways from #elxn43 is Canada's continuing immunity to particularistic populism. If you want an alternative theory of this immunity, alongside the reemergence of the Bloc, and why #wexit is now trending, take a read
Saddened to hear that is closing up shop. Consistently put out some of the most insightful writing out there. The archives are no longer behind a paywall, so here's a piece I wrote for them last year that holds up pretty well I think
I completely understand where Zack’s smugness comes from, because if you want to understand where Canadian anti-Americanism comes from, literally just look at how Blue Staters would look at Red Staters if they were seperate nation-states.
plz read like and rt and validate me y'all
Very excited to share this (long) essay I have in the terrific about populism, post-nationalism, and fragmentation in Canada. Here's a brief summary of what the piece is about
Fantastic piece by on the paradox of Canada's "national" identity
Superb informed wide-ranging analysis of Canada in the present momentWhy Canada Won’t Go Populist via