Giuliani was being fed dirt by a high-level associate of the Russian mob who wanted Trump administration help quashing an extradition request
DiGenova and Toensing billed Firtash "about $1 million for their work...That includes costs for Lev Parnas, a Giuliani associate, as a translator." That's one expensive translator, given that Vienna has lots of Russian speakers and Parnas lives in Florida.
Allies of disgraced Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin offered made-up dirt on Biden in exchange for Giuliani's help to get him a visa to the US, while working with indicted Ukrainian Firtash.
Bloomberg News: “To Win Giuliani’s Help, Oligarch’s Allies Pursued Biden Dirt“
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Kremlin-linked Ukrainian oligarch seems to have paid $1 million to manufacture dirt on Biden to give to Giuliani.
To Win Giuliani’s Help, Oligarch’s Allies Pursued Biden Dirt