“If anyone in the executive branch other than Mr. Trump or ...Pence tried the same thing, they would likely have been blocked by government lawyers, faced an ethics investigation and perhaps become the subject of a criminal inquiry...”
Trump’s Choice to Bring G7 to His Own Resort Would Be Illegal, if He Weren’t President
Officials are prohibited from playing even a minor role in a decision that directly creates a financial benefit for the employee or their immediate family But those rules do not apply to the president and vice president, the only officials who are exempt
The president may not be covered by ethics and conflict of interest laws. But Mick Mulvaney and others are. And isn’t it against the law to procure benefits not just for yourself but for your boss?
““President-Elect Trump, as well as Don, Eric, and Alan are committed to ensuring that...The Trump Organization...avoids even the appearance of a conflict of interest, including through any advantage derived from the Office of the Presidency.”
For the printed edition, allowed an idiot to write the headline which implied that Trump's behavior would not be unethical if it did not violate the law. Ethics and law are distinct and Trump's actions are clearly unethical, whether illegal or not.
"I could actually run my business, I could actually run my business and run government at the same time."
The president, along with the VP, is exempt from a variety of laws that would land a Cabinet secretary or other federal executives in huge legal trouble if they tried to steer an official event to their own family's facility []