Van Jones: "I’m telling you, Hillary Clinton is playing a very dangerous game... If you’ve got real evidence, come forward with it. But if you’re just going to smear people casually on podcasts, you are playing right into the Russians’ hands"
CNN's Van Jones Blasts Hillary Clinton: She's Playing a 'Very Dangerous Game' Going After Tulsi Gabbard
#IStandWithTulsi keeps surprising. Good take. Van Jones Rips Hillary Clinton Over Tulsi Gabbard Russia
If you need an explanation for Hillary's vicious and bitter attack on Tulsi
CNN’s Van Jones Rips Hillary Clinton Over #TulsiGabbard Smears. Even Erin Burnett forced to agree..
is getting some heat for his comments on for comments that were 100% reasonable too. #IStandWithTulsi #IStandWithVan
Not a supporter of Tulsi Gabbard, and I like Hillary Clinton. But is 100% right about this. #IamTulsi