Signs for GOP alarm: -- Tillis with lowest job approval of any senator, facing $$ challenge from right -- Ernst didn't hit $1M fundraising, approval declining -- McSally outrased for 3rd straight Q, already down 5 to Kelly
Just a reminder that getting 5 new Dem Senators instead of 3 in 2020 will have a bigger impact on policy than our choice of a Dem presidential nominee. And right now, things are looking bad for Republicans in the Senate.
NEW Against the Grain: "Red Flags All Over for Senate Republicans" "New polls and fundraising reports show key GOP senators in political trouble, giving Democrats a solid shot to win back control of the upper chamber."
My latest column: "New polling and fundraising figures show that Mitch McConnell’s hold on the Senate majority is looking awfully precarious. Indeed, the pathway for a narrow Democratic takeover of the upper chamber is looking clearer than ever."
Four GOP senators outraised by Dem challengers in 3rdQ, incl 3 in swing states. A fourth, Tillis, only brought in $1.2M in big-money state of North Carolina. Very similar to fundraising dynamic in the battle for the House, 2018 (where Rs lost 40 seats).
.: “given the trajectory of Trump’s presidency and the trend lines in the battlegrounds, Republicans don’t have much room for error. Right now, control of the Senate past 2020 looks awfully close to a toss-up with over a year until the election”
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"As her fundraising has slowed, Ernst’s support back home has also declined. The Morning Consult tracking poll found Ernst with an underwater job-approval rating of 39/43, with more independents viewing her unfavorably than favorably."
The GOP will probably lose the Senate and they’ll blame Trump rather than themselves.
Red Flags All Over for Senate Republicans