Republicans in the Congress should be asked: why have you allowed the State Department to become an arm of the Democratic Party? And what are you going to do about it?
In recent days, current and former Foreign Service officers have defied Trump administration orders and trudged to Capitol Hill to testify before House committees. Colleagues inside the State Department and their allies are quietly hailing them as heroes.
U.S. diplomats are defying Trump administration orders to testify before impeachment investigators — and they’re being hailed as heroes by colleagues who’ve long felt abused
Derided as Deep State saboteurs, America's diplomats take their revenge as one by one they defy the Trump administration to provide evidence to the House impeachment inquiry. ⁦⁩ (Reposting with fixed link.)
This author here is gleeful that "America’s diplomats are taking their revenge", forgetting the inconvenient reality that unelected diplomats are not supposed to act as a "resistance from within" against elected civilians, and this won't end with Trump.
"The revenge of the State Department" Unelected bureaucrats demand the right to control US foreign policy no matter who is elected president. This is now an explicit theme of impeachment.