i *believe* i may have found mitt romney's secret twitter account
Mitt Romney appears to have used a secret Twitter account to stick up for himself against those who were criticizing him What a total loser Story:
pierre made his account private so i replaced the tweets with screenshots
. probably found Romney's secret Twitter account. "The Pierre Delecto account’s very first follow was eldest Romney scion Tagg, joined shortly thereafter by Glen Johnson, a current Politics editor for
i think the saddest version of the anon-alt-burner account is the one used to defend yourself in public
Pierre Delecto appears to really care about what Jennifer Rubin thinks about Mitt Romney...
Who is Pierre Delecto, and why does he act exactly like Mitt Romney would act on Twitter? via
Mitt Romney has GOP clout And sees that our future’s in doubt, So uses his might To tweet for what’s right While hoping that no one finds out.
Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account has been found
props to twitter sleuth for breaking this wide open
Mitt Romney had an NSFW private account so he didn't have to be horny on main.
"Pierre Delecto also liked this tweet tentatively supporting an invocation of the 25th amendment." Tip: If you open a secret account and start tweeting, the illusion of permanent anonymity will lull you into saying way more than you were ready to defend.
Carlos Danger, I'd like you to meet Pierre Delecto.
Hat tip to on this one. One of the rare Slate scoops that I think will give great enjoyment.
For future reference, politicians should just send their alt handles directly to .
Is it wrong that I was expecting more sex? Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter account, and it looks like it's this one.
. sometimes scares me & we should all be thankful she uses her superpowers for good
Not so excellent Twitter burner account OpSec by via
😂 lives for the words "secret Twitter account."
That didn't take long
Good illustration of identity from networks -- Feinberg identified the account by how it follows Romney family members and Romney campaign accounts, much more than by its nearly nonexistent content.