“What Mr. Trump was not prepared for was the reaction of fellow Republicans who said his choice of the club, the Trump National Doral, had crossed a line they couldn’t defend.”
Trump called into Mulvaney’s Camp David meeting w House moderate members Saturday and asked aides to find out what members thought of Doral for the G7. They all said it was a mistake. ⁦ and me
Trump expected the firewall of Republican support he's had for nearly three years to last through the Doral announcement. The reaction surprised him. and me
So just what happened with the Trump Doral reversal? Republicans in Congress said enough. And Trump folded.
It’s almost as if the has been enabling Trump this entire time and could put a stop to this nonsense whenever they want. It’s as if his crimes are also their crimes.
"We just didn't need this": It was the Republican concern, not Democratic criticism, that convinced Trump to reverse course on plans to hold the G7 at his own Doral estate. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
The president has been casting around for possible replacements for Mulvaney, even asking Nick Ayers if he'd come back to DC, per 2 ppl close to Trump. People around Trump say even w/out risk of alienating Mulvaney, there is no clear option to take the job
Trump was prepared for Democratic pushback on his plan to hold the G7 at his own resort. But he wasn't prepared for the uproar within his own party.
By Saturday afternoon, Trump had decided he was going to pull the plug on the Doral decision, but he waited until just before Judge Jeanine's show, and paused between tweets about Doral to watch her opening, in a move that he didn't tell most aides about
Heading into Thursday’s Mulvaney briefing, administration officials said, Trump made little secret of his intention to host the G7 at Doral despite advisers telling him it was unwise
Mr. Cole said he did not speak to the president directly about it, but expressed relief that Mr. Trump had changed his mind, and was certain that other Republicans felt the same way. “We just didn’t need this,” he said.
“Perhaps the most confounding piece of Mr. Trump’s now-aborted choice of the resort outside Miami was the idea of welcoming global leaders to a destination that is hot, muggy — and not particularly popular in June.”
The decision making process and optics of the Bible Photo Op, the Tulsa Juneteenth rally, the G7 at Trump Doral...