Buttigieg surges in Iowa, jumping seven percentage points to put himself in the top tier in poll, per Biden: 18% Warren 17% Buttigieg 13%
Iowa poll: USA Today/Suffolk Biden 18% (-6 since July) Warren 17% (+4) Buttigieg 13% (+7) Sanders 9% (-) Steyer 3% (n/a) Gabbard 3% (+2) Harris 3% (-13) Klobuchar 3% (+1) **undecided 29% (+8)**
Iowa, Suffolk USA today Biden 18 Warren 17 Buttigeig 13 Bernie 9 Second choices Warren 22 Buttigeig 14
New USA Today/Suffolk IOWA poll (counts for November debate qualification) Biden 18% Warren 17% Buttigieg 13% Sanders 9% Gabbard 3% Harris 3% Klobuchar 3% Steyer 3% Everyone else at or below 2 percent
Let me try to (gulp) make a slightly subtle point here: This is a good poll for Buttiegieg, but he's getting a *lot* of favorable headlines from this poll despite it looking like a lot of other polls where he's also polled at ~13% in Iowa, give or take.
*NEW* USA Today IOWA poll sees big moves. Buttigieg surges to 3rd (led with debate viewers). Harris dips. Biden 18% (-6) Warren 17% (+4) Buttigieg 13% (+7) Sanders 9% (+0) Harris 3% (-13) Klobuchar/Steyer/Gabbard all 3% UNDECIDED 29% (+8) Via .
POLL: The latest poll taken in the days after the October debate show Biden at 18%, Warren at 17% and Buttigieg at 13% in Iowa. Notably Warren and Buttigieg also lead the field as respondents’ second choice. breaks it down
New USA Today/Suffolk poll in Iowa. is up 3ppts and moved into 5th place! And still lots of undecided voters. This race is very much up for grabs with over 3 months to go.
Suffolk/USA Today Iowa: Biden 18 (-6) Warren 17 (+4) Buttigieg 13 (+7) Sanders 9 (-) 3 (+3) #SteyerSurge(s) to 5th in Iowa! — “Three other candidates also reached 3% because of rounding.” Gabbard 3 (+2) Harris 3 (-13) Klobuchar 3 (-1)
Striking in today's USAToday/Suffolk IA poll is the # of undecided is high at 29% It means a lower level of support for even the top 3 candidates than we've seen in other surveys. Oh, and Steyer! Biden 18% Warren 17% Buttigieg 13% Sanders 9% Steyer 3%
Stop letting the Midwest dictate our elections.
I'm just gonna say it then log off for a week. There's too much at stake. Anyone who thinks Americans are ready to see a gay couple in the White House has boulders in their head if their head is big enough for boulders and otherwise, rocks. via
Biggest numbers in Suffolk/USA Today Iowa Poll: The number of truly undecided is going up to 29%. And of those who named a favored candidate, 63% say they could change their minds. Shorthand: Anything could happen in Iowa including a surprise breakthrough.
The long slow fade of continues, as does steady riser : To capture the Biden electrons he wants while avoiding Joe’s free radicals that will tarnish his brand, Buttigieg has to break out of left wing media. He used to try.
"Poll: Iowa caucuses are 'up for grabs' as Pete Buttigieg surges into top tier"
Wide open Iowa caucuses. Buttigieg surges to third place, just five points out of the lead. Sanders in fourth. Harris now tied with Klobuchar at three percent.