My goal in life is next time you hear "win-win," you think, That’s what rich people say when they don’t want to give anything up.
When plutocrats fund feminism, they prefer helping girls to women, argues: “Girls don’t do inconvenient things like want rights and want to vote and want equal pay. Once they turn into women, they start being too politically threatening.“
Facebook is just a community, Mark Zuckerberg likes to say. No, Mark, you’re an authoritarian titan. And the stinking essence of the plutocratic capture we must end.
Was it Jamie Dimon who emailed me? And then ceosplained to me for a good half an hour on the phone? Yes, yes, it was.
This man is disrupting the cult of the billionaire
. calls out one reason why the Ada Initiative focusing on women was so revolutionary: adult women want rights and political representation. Girls don’t threaten the status quo as much