NEW: Tis the season -Bloomberg & Hillary have told folks they'd run if they there was opening -Kerry has showed signs of regret, is worried about Biden -Sherrod is getting more calls urging him to reconsider -Holder still talking about it -And: Deval!
It’s that time of the campaign cycle via ⁦
The issue here is not electability. Sanders and Warren would both be heavily favored against Trump. The issue is that the donor class—the people who socialize with NYT reporters—don’t want left policies.
"Democrats" who are hoping Republican Mike Bloomberg gets in the race to *save* them from Elizabeth Warren are why "Democrats" keep losing national elections to an openly racist party.
Hard to assess how widespread these sentiments are, and how prominent the people involved are. The fact that they're talking about drafting Clinton or Kerry or Bloomberg instead of, say, trying to rehabilitate Booker, suggests they're pretty out of touch.
Democrat voters are so unhappy with the 2020 field that they are anxiously asking if Hillary Clinton would run again. Out of 20+ candidates, they want Hillary?! Shows how much of a disaster they all are!
Party leaders who are worried about Democrats’ chances in 2020 are wondering about possible late entrants to the race. Sherrod Brown? Michelle Obama?
Read on nervous Democrats who look at their presidential field and say: Could anybody else run? Please? Michelle?
I feel like the gist of this story is that a bunch of the traditional gatekeepers who have lost control of the process are bitching about the naïveté of the vast unwashed masses.
Here’s a story I wrote every cycle since ‘92. Never better than ⁦
what’s bizarre about this is that the canddiates these democrats are worried about are consistently leading trump in every head to head poll and raising huge sums of money from huge numbers of donors
Oh lord: "Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Bloomberg have both told people privately in recent weeks that if they thought they could win, they would consider entering the primary"
Hillary wants to run, she always has, her sniping at Tulsi has put Hillary back into a "debate" of sorts. Tulsi is capitalizing on it, but Hillary also knows what she is doing. I've always respected the Clinton's Will to Power.
“Mrs. Clinton say she shares the same concerns other party elites have about the field — worried about Mr. Biden’s durability, Ms. Warren’s liberal politics and unsure of who else can emerge to take on Mr. Trump.” Run, Hillary, run!!!
The thing about big donors is they are rich people, and most express a class interest whatever their views on other matters. It’s dangerous that we’ve developed a costly campaign system that gives them so much power, even among Democrats. via
The problem w this piece? He has thesis he wants to advance & then he fills in quotes to verify it. I'd be happy w any candidate who doesn't happen to be . I think that's where most Dems are.
not sure whats wrong w these Dems. “Since the last debate, just anecdotally, I’ve had 5-6 people ask me: ‘Is there anybody else?’” said Leah Daughtry, a longtime D who has run 2 of the party’s recent conventions. Leading D’s all ahead of Trump
We should feel sorry for the Political Class because they may not get their guy? via ⁩ ⁦
In 's piece on "Dems in Disarray" he quotes Leah Daughtry, Axelrod, Mitch Landrieu, Harold Ickes and Connie Schultz (who is married to Sherrod Brown). These are deep-pocketed donors either (though they tend to be more moderate, Schultz excluded)
I want to hate this piece by on Dems in Disarray ... but the decision to quote Harold Ickes (Harold Ickes!!) makes me think he’s goofing us all
Every time "establishment" Democrats leak stuff like this to the press Sanders and Warren get to write more highly effective reality-based fundraising emails.