Today claims "quantum supremacy." says not so fast. My new story on the nuanced meaning of this scientific milestone.
Did Google achieve quantum supremacy? You decide. Great piece putting today's news and IBM's naysaying in context, by
Classical computers might be able to guide the growth of their quantum counterparts just a little bit longer than some technological optimists have thought.
In a paper posted online Monday, IBM provided evidence that the world’s most powerful supercomputer can nearly keep pace with Google’s new quantum machine. As a result, IBM argued that Google’s claim should be received “with a large dose of skepticism.”
Lots of news coverage of 's quantum supremacy claim this morning. Archrival pushed back on the claim. sorts out what it all means in
IBM claims that its classical computer would take 2.5 days to perform the calculation that Google’s quantum computer did, not the 10,000 years that Goggle said when it claimed quantum supremacy. Third parties agree, but say it’s still quantum supremacy.