So proud of Oxford University Student Union for banning applause. With any luck, all forms of audible communication will soon be prohibited. Only in total silence may we be free to truly express ourselves. #NoiseIsViolence
I don’t understand and I refuse to try. “Clapping banned at Oxford University to stop people being triggered” via
Most students have absolutely no time for this kind of nonsense. It's just that those who involve themselves in student politics tend to be of the illiberal activist mindset. My hope is that the sensible majority will simply ignore the new diktat.
Can everyone please stop being so stupid
Oh dear - students at Oxford University are so delicate they cannot cope with clapping. Now students must use 'jazz hands' so that no-one is triggered by the loud noise of applause. I do hope that none of them end up working near any kind of machinery.
”They are instead being told to use ‘jazz hands’, where they wave their hands in the air.”
Students at the University of Oxford have voted to ‘replace clapping’ with a silent wave because it ‘could trigger anxiety’. They are instead being told to use ‘jazz hands’
Clapping to be replaced with "jazz hands" by overprivileged assholes.
And I thought the NUS was nuts when I was at Oxford 30 years ago . . . via
Clapping banned at Oxford University to stop people being triggered via