Well, this was an excellent use of the amount of money it would take to train an extra 5,714 nurses from scratch, wasn’t it. ~AA
No but our lovely money
Just for fun, at the estimated cost of £140m, 's decision to run this campaign has cost the equivalent of approximately 3,000 NHS nurses. Put that on a bus.
How many police officers, nurses, teachers could this have paid for???Genuinely makes me furious. Government pouring OUR money down drain on misleading #Brexit propaganda + generate data for questionable purposes.
Government pulls £100m no-deal 'Get Ready for Brexit' advertising campaign. Colossal waste of taxpayers money to condition the public to accept no deal chaos.
2/ Confirmation here: "Advertising space in multiple newspapers earmarked for the Government’s “information campaign” will no longer feature the Cabinet Office’s planned “Get Ready for Brexit” briefings, media sources say."
£100m spent on Government propaganda. What this could have paid for in education: - 3,000 new teachers - free school meals for 250,000 students - 10 million books
Government pulls £100m no-deal 'Get Ready for Brexit' advertising campaign
Gov pulls £100m no-deal 'Get Ready for Brexit' ad campaign “Despite the cost, a report assessing how well prepared Britain is for Brexit published last week by the NAO, which scrutinises public spending for Parl suggested the campaign had fallen flat
We're not pulling it, we're just re-branding it from Get Ready For Brexit to 'Get Ready For A Three Month Sulk By A Stroppy Man-Baby'.
£100m - virtually all govt’s Brexit prep fund - blown on an ineffective ad campaign folling no one UK woefully prepared thanks to official incompetence Government pulls £100m no-deal 'Get Ready for Brexit' advertising campaign