If this was the result of Trump’s intervention—and we know be DID explicitly intervene—it’s at least as bad as Ukraine. It’s not $400 million but $10 billion in taxpayer funds held hostage to punish a newspaper’s exercise of core First Amendment rights.
As soon as Trump found out Bezos was in line for this payday, this seemed inevitable. Also - one of the most effective outside attack campaigns I’ve ever seen against Amazon.
breaking: the Pentagon's $10B cloud computing contract, JEDI, is going to Microsoft
Rough week for Amazon. Microsoft Wins Pentagon’s $10 Billion JEDI Contract, Thwarting Amazon
With Mattis gone, a $10 billion contract most observers expected Amazon to win was just awarded to Microsoft instead. The House impeachment inquiry should absolutely subpoena the people involved in this procurement decision.
Pentagon with the Friday night news dump as Microsoft beats Trump’s nemesis, Amazon, for $10 billion deal
So the Washington Post ended up costing Bezos $10 Billion, not $250 m?
Big deal but here come the lawsuits and discovery should be fun: via
One in a series of abuses of power. And I think Trumps moving quickly on things like pulling out of Syria, not because he wants the distractions from impeachment, but because he’s truly concerned that he’s running out of time.
Wow, this is an extraordinary upset for AWS. Champagne bottles are blowing open in Redmond tonight.