"There are now athletes and scholars who seriously suggest that being male offers no competitive physical advantages over being female, a proposition that even small children know to be unhinged"
"Gay rights activists simply want society to accept their different ways of living and loving. Followers of radical gender theory, on the other hand, demand that we reject our understanding of biological sex in favor of some abstract notion of identity"
It’s Time for ‘LGB’ and ‘T’ to Go Their Separate Ways |
"Transgender people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. To say that these two causes—LGB and T—should separate isn’t to say that one has value and the other does not. I am simply noting that their goals are at odds."
"Gay-rights advocates been forced to watch the simple moral logic of non-discrimination be transformed into a self-parodic alphabet soup of invented identities"
"So long as self-described “LGBT” activists demand that a male with gender dysphoria is 'really' a female, many otherwise accepting people will remain opposed to, or at least skeptical of, the wider [gay rights] movement." New from me
Interesting & thoughtful article by As long as we all agree on & work toward universal human rights then it shouldn't matter if LGB & T go together or separate. I have to agree with Brad (& ) that T is quite different from LGB.
Interesting article I've seen a few think pieces suggesting preference for one set of biological anatomy or another = transphobic Is it not enough to support the rights of others to love as they choose? Must we also give up our own rights to do the same?