I recorded my professor promoting abhorrently anti-white and anti-academic arguments. Full video at
The best part of this going viral --and I think it will--is going to be watching Academic Twitter try to defend it. 😂 HT
What do they teach students in college? Listen for yourself: Part I Part II In a sane world this person would be remanded to a facility where he could receive professional help. In 2019, he teaches our youth.
True "Enemies of Reason", as Professor would call them. What a disgrace to university.
Space isn't real because the professor hasn't seen it? Trippy college lecture.
Althought delirious, this postmodern criticism of science is so pure and transparent, that I can even see a glimpse of truth in it. Now what do you think mister Pageau, is space real?
Riveting video about academic malfeasance in a debate class
Student recorded their debate instructor at Weber State University: ”…space is not real. It’s not real. Science, technology, it’s all fake. It’s a projection of white fantasies that has worked to control our interpretation of how the world works."
About to listen to this clip: . Dear parents, beware of how you spend your hard-earned money. It might be suboptimal to spend $65,000 per year for your child to receive a degree in Intersectional Postmodernism Dance Therapy.
These nuts are real, and they are out there teaching via
Full video is here
Imagine a class not on logic, but a class that demands application of illogic. Here is that class realized. This is what happens when a person fails to cognitively sort the subjective from the object.