What do they teach students in college? Listen for yourself: Part I Part II In a sane world this person would be remanded to a facility where he could receive professional help. In 2019, he teaches our youth.
He just released a new video with the following description. "I show more footage and respond to the misled suggestion that this professor was 'just teaching debate' and 'playing the devil's advocate'"
I couldn't finish the longer vid of due it possibly being to dumbest shit I've ever heard. We need to push back harder against this stuff, while most people haven't had it spoonfed when they were young.
This is a really clear look at what the critical race Theory mentality looks like and how it thinks. Especially near the end when it talks about structures themselves as being built around racial motives and needing a complete reversal to get to "fairness"
New video with evidence showing that the professor is NOT "playing devil's advocate" or "just teaching them how to debate crazy views."
Additional details offered by the student
Observe how one can win a high-level academic debate under this kind of mentality: with an unhinged, profanity-filled tirade utterly bereft of sense, logic, argument, or anything except aggrieved rage.
3/ This video includes some secretly-recorded audio of Mr. Wash, who is also a debate coach. Check out his erudition and command of debate technique starting at about 30 seconds into the video.