A thread: Getty fire: Housekeepers, gardener go to work despite the flames - Los Angeles Times
Housekeepers show up to work in fire evacuation zones because their bosses neglected to tell them they evacuated
Housekeepers and babysitters went to work this morning in fire zones, not knowing about the evacuations. Their employers hadn't told them. “They didn’t tell us. They need to tell us not to come,” one housekeeper told reporter .
“They didn’t tell us,” one housekeeper said. “They need to tell us not to come.” ⁦⁩ with a great, tho painful, story about overlooked home workers in the fires
When a reporter has to save a housekeeper when the rich guy who owns the house can't be bothered... This is also a very L.A. story -- of the rich people variety. “They didn’t tell us,” she said. “They need to tell us not to come.” #Gettyfire
Last week, as homeowners evacuated for the Getty fire, their housekeepers and gardeners continued showing up, not wanting to miss a day's wages. How do we protect those most vulnerable to the economic and health-related impacts of climate disasters?
Farm and domestic workers in California are being forced to choose between their health and their paychecks. That's completely unacceptable. We need a Green New Deal to protect our most vulnerable.
TFW Rich people who've evacuated their houses forget to tell the servants not to come to work. Unbelievable. #gettyfire
Yep.... environmental Injustice & economic #Inequality at its worst. Lack of notification, and lack of choice.