“We don’t feel we need to show a different president." Trump campaign seeking hidden women voters they believe are out there. and on the Trump campaign's plan when it comes to women voters.
NEW - More than half of the officials on the Trump re-election campaign are women, and they are fixated on appealing to a “hidden voter” who can clinch the vote for him in 2020. spent a long time looking at what, exactly, that means.
“The working premise of the campaign’s effort with women is that there is a hidden Trump voter — loosely defined as a woman who is unregistered, unpersuaded or less than vocal about her support for the president who can be identified and motivated to vote”
"The woman the Trump campaign is likeliest to appeal to is white, without a college degree, married and likely to vote the way her husband does on Election Day. She is also likely to hang up on pollsters."
Democratic pollsters say “hidden” women voters exist. But they also say the Trump campaign faces an uphill battle to reach them. “He may be raising buckets of money,” one observed, “but he’s going to need it to win women back.” Me &
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The midterms were impacted by losses for the GOP among suburban women. The Trump campaign, where more than half the staff is women, is hoping to recoup losses. ⁦⁩ and I took a look at their efforts
“I just want to encourage you not to be afraid,” Mrs. Pence told the group gathered in a conference room in St. Paul’s historic train station. “This time, we have a record, so it’s like, you can’t tell me stuff on the fake news.”