Greg Mankiw, who was George W. Bush's CEA director and who advised Mitt Romney's presidential campaigns, says he's no longer a Republican
Prominent (former) Republican economist Greg Mankiw left the GOP today because, he says, 1) if it’s Trump’s party now, then it’s not his, and 2) being eligible to vote in the primaries to help elect a moderate Democratic nominee is important.
Greg Mankiw (previously George W. Bush’s chief economic adviser): Today “I switched my voter registration from Republican to unenrolled (aka independent).”
Greg Mankiw is no longer a Republican. I've been struck by the contrast between foreign-policy neocons, like Kristol and Boot, who have stood up for democracy and rule of law, and the silence of center-right economists. Good on Greg for taking a stand
Greg Mankiw quits the Republican Party
My PhD advisor Greg Mankiw says "I am no longer a Republican"
One of the nation’s leading economists: “I just came back from city hall where I switched my voter registration from Republican...The party has largely become the Party of Trump. Too many Republicans in Congress are overlook Trump's misdeeds.”
GWB economist Greg Mankiw: “GOP has become Party of Trump. Too many Rs in Congress, to protect their jobs, overlook his misdeeds. i have no interest in associating myself w/that behavior. Maybe GOP will return to honorable leaders. Until then count me out”
Greg Mankiw, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers for President George W Bush: “I am no longer a Republican”
Greg Mankiw's most lucid writing in years: "I am no longer a republican"
Greg Mankiw’s both sides: “Too many Republicans in Congress are willing, in the interest of protecting their jobs, to overlook Trump's misdeeds (just as too many Democrats were for Clinton during his impeachment).” This statement underwhelms, tbh.