There's a progressive majority in Britain - but unless we vote tactically we're going to see a bunch of super-rich racists in power. I'm on the campaign trail for Labour in Lancashire this weekend - follow my updates here, and visit
Want to end 9 years of Tory government? It’s simple. Vote for the party in your constituency that has the best chance of beating the Tories. Open the link, type in your postcode, and it will show your tactical vote. #VoteTactically
Want to end 9 years of Tory government? It’s simple. Vote for the party in your constituency that has the best chance of beating the Tories. Open the link, type in your postcode, and it will show your tactical vote. #VoteTactically
vote tactically #GetTheToriesOut
A lot of people are asking who we'll be voting for today. The truth is we will be voting for whoever is most likely to unseat a Conservative, because our NHS can't take five more years of this. You can do the same by visiting this website
If you're thinking of voting tactically, every visit to this website sends stomach cramps through Boris Johnson's clique - the surge is happening!
13/ Our country is at a T-junction: we either wake up with a right+far right government committed to hard Brexit and eroding human rights; or a progressive government led by Labour. Go here and decide what to do
You're gonna need this.
Just over 3.5 hours to #VoteTactically and keep the Tories out. And now the big tactical voting sites have almost exactly aligned and make the same recommendations. Check out and let’s do this. (Also expert will answer any questions to help).
Remember at University you can register with both addresses and choose one. Please check if you are registered access is on the link provided. Our future, Brexit will kill and Bankrupt families. #NHSorBrexit #DitchBrexit
Visits to are through the roof today and we're expecting even more tomorrow. We've added more servers and load balancing to make sure it stays online. The tactical voting surge is happening!
The reason for this sudden flurry of dark propaganda is clear - the MRP polls show the Tory vote is softening and (and other tactical voting sites) is on fire 🔥
According to Leeds North West is a Tory target seat. Someone needs to tell his candidate who didn’t turn up to the Otley Hustings. Tactical voting sites say Vote Labour
To anyone thinking/saying, ‘but Corbyn will win his seat anyway!’ Yes, he almost certainly will, but this is about following recommendations of tactical voting websites. We may *feel* we know who’ll win a seat, but data is a better guide than feelings.
All the main tactical voting sites are calling for a Labour Vote in Leeds North West. Thanks for trusting my record and commitment
"Compare tactical voting sites" This is a useful tool to see at a glance what several different tactical voting sites suggest (mentally ignore the column as they're far too pro-Labour)
If you're in the UK, stop the Tories with your vote
Tactical voting in the 2019 General Election. Just checking out my options for tactical voting to get the Conservatives out.
#dogsatpollingstations2019 #dogsatpollingstations
For those interested in tactical voting - check the best chance in your constituency here
At it’s core, this election should be a binary choice between a hard Brexit with a risk of no deal, & a 2nd referendum. To make it so, either the parties supporting a 2nd ref have to belatedly unite, or more people than ever before have to vote tactically
Compare tactical voting sites | | General Election 2019
If there's anyone left on who hasn't already voted (by post) in the #GE2019 PLEASE #VoteTactically tomorrow using 🤓🇬🇧 Keep trying it - I'd like to think they're inundated with users but it's more likely they're being hit by #DDoS attacks! ☠️
The most important thing is to avoid a Tory government. If this is, as it should be, your top priority, this website might help.
Here is a website to enable you to work out what to vote to get the tories out Don't #VoteConservative 🚮
Unsure about who to vote tactically for? This website lists all major tactical voting recommendations by constituency. Compare tactical voting sites | | General Election 2019 #ToriesOut
Points here go to , who are in fact doing this -
compares tactical voting websites Hard to look at this and think anything other than #VoteLabour in vast majority of seats
You can use to look up the most recommended #Remain option in any constituency.
If you haven't already punched in your postcode, do it now
A hung parliament is a possible outcome, because there are several constituencies where two parties have an almost equal chance of winning. Here you can see what to vote to achieve this outcome.
Often pointless posting political messages here, my twitter bubble doesn't vote right But in #GE2019 it is SUPER important to not split the left vote. #VoteTactically tomorrow folks! Find out who has the most chance in your area: #GetJohnsonGone