Q: He’s said you and Schiff are guilty of treason. Is he guilty of treason? PELOSI: I don’t know. But I do know that he projects. Everything he says - ‘She’s in meltdown’ - means that he’s in meltdown. Everything he says, understand that he’s projecting”
”Maybe Medicare for all is a destination,” Pelosi said. “But it’s certainly not a starting point.” A good rule of thumb: Don't get to Pelosi's left
Pelosi believes there's enough evidence to impeach Trump: "I do think we have enough," she said. "We've had enough for a very long time … but as long as there is corroboration, we might as well get some more. And then we'll see."
has a few thoughts on what will happen next in the #impeachment struggle. She shares them here.
“I do think we have enough [to impeach Donald Trump],” Nancy Pelosi told
"Without detailing specific plans, Pelosi left the clear impression that the impeachment process will conclude sooner rather than later, and its focus will be more narrow than broad."