Tremendous wisdom from Obama, who points out that being woke and calling out the flaws of others wont change the world. “The world is messy and full of ambiguities. Good people have flaws. Those people you’re fighting, they love their kids.”
Barack Obama takes on 'woke' call-out culture: 'That's not activism' via
Obama calls it like it is. Online activism which is about me calling you out for doing/ not doing something is not real activism. The world is messy and you have more in common with your 'enemies' than you realise.
Why Obama Matters A lot of us have been saying this for years, but when the POTUS speaks people listen, especially this POTUS. Bravo Barack.
I hate cancel culture - it's ugly and toxic. Of course, people say and do shitty things, but we've ALL done that (and if not, you must be very boring). This idea that people should never deserve redemption if they've said something unpleasant is damaging.
I do like Obama. He is such a sensible and humane human
Barack Obama on the dangers of Wokeism.
Never mind that I was speaking about this phenomenon years before anyone imagined a President Trump. Yes, Trump pointed out a rising intolerance on the left, but former President Obama has ALSO made similar arguments, several times over. 12/27
This is a critically important statement from