My attempt to explain the negative valance of conspiracy theories (no one thinks there's a secret cabal plotting to make the world better) with the negativity bias, pessimism, patternicity, agenticity, & the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Fascinating new article from explaining why our propensity for conspiratorial thinking probably has some adaptive function, given the past & present threats in our environments
One reason people believe in conspiracy theories is that enough of them are true that it pays to be constructively conspiratorial in cognition—err on the side of false positives (believing conspiracy theories that are not true) than false negatives.
Even paranoids have enemies: We’re all wired for ‘Constructive Conspiracism’, due to our evolved overreactivity to harm and threat.
New : with an excellent primer on the evolutionary psychology of conspiracy theories
The Danger Is Real: Why We’re All Wired for ‘Constructive Conspiracism.’ Enlightening essay on the evolved psychological hardware that leads to conspiracy theory paranoia by
The Danger Is Real: Why We’re All Wired for ‘Constructive Conspiracism’ - excellent piece by ⁦⁩ ⁦
This, from , is so interesting and well laid out. New book, "Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theories," bought.