Interesting analysis. "We woke up one morning and the atheist bloggers had all quietly became social justice bloggers. Nothing else had changed because nothing else had to; the underlying itch being scratched was the same."
This is good but the other reason that the New Atheism gave way to woke astrology is that woke astrology is much more likely to be true.
long piece on the decline of New Atheism which, unlike most pieces about the decline of New Atheism, is actually worth reading (my own feeling is that New Atheism should get a lot more credit than it does for the worldwide decline in religiosity , fwiw)
latest SSC on the New Atheists is good, as you'd expect
Slatestarcodex on why, almost overnight, a substantial portion of the New Atheist movement decided to devote themselves to SocJus instead.
“The concept of the Internet as magical place where you could change other people’s minds had given way to the Internet as magical place where you could complain to like-minded friends about how ignorant other people were.”
This is a very interesting thesis that I find pretty compelling. Namely, that the New Atheists did not all morph into Sargon of Akkad subscribers but that many actually ended up as social justice advocates.
An interesting perspective. Maybe even correct.
Some thoughts along these lines here.
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"Maybe the sort of people who interrupt any attempt at intellectual discussion with words like “rationalbro” or “mansplaining” or “well acktually” were still stuck in their caves, fruitlessly banging AOL CDs against rocks trying to create fire."
I'll note here that the bad Atheist cancel-creeps were the Atheism+ crowd, not New Atheists qua New Atheists (although the latter went along with the former for far too long imo). Probably the best piece on that whole weirdness is this (warning, long)
A long and interesting reflection on the rise and fall of “new atheism”
Atheism was huge a decade ago and also vanished. argues that it was replaced as a religion by Social Justice, which was a superior product for the same market. I suspect the same thing happened to holistic healing woo? Same demographic.
is a great look at how the mid-'00s hugely prolific online atheist movement mutated toward social activism & then melded into an undifferentiated arm of The Great Awokening.
Speaking of atheism and systematic underestimation of repressed minorities
Scott Alexander saying privilege is the new sin. From his new blogpost here: He needs to watch this playlist:
New Atheism presented a critique of religion but also a hamartiology. When the critique failed, or became imprudent, the hamartiology needed a new guise: Social Justice.
"Unlike the continuous trend in religiosity, the atheist movement appears to be going strong throughout the 2000s, peak in 2012, and start declining shortly afterward."
This seems ludicrously wrong and self-serving to me. Still, I take it as a mark of progress that so many people now regard their old affiliation with New Atheism as so toxic that they'll go to such lengths to disavow it.
Atheism bloggers pivot to social justice: The OpenEd Coalition "crumbles" after squabbles over social justice: 🤔