"Right now, we are effectively experimenting on minors who cannot give meaningful consent. And that alone should give us pause."
"It became part of my identity to be suicidal." This is the crux of the problem with the ways in which we are conceiving of all kinds of things today. Making trauma and mental illness central to identity is not good for outcomes.
“Questioning the current orthodoxy is not transphobic, as so many reflexively charge....Right now, we are effectively experimenting on minors who cannot give meaningful consent.” (more) truth from .
“I went trans online; my brother went alt-right.”
"People are complicated. The key to persuading them is to embrace all of them good and bad, while making your case. We did that in the gay marriage movement, which is why that big change happened, and also, why it has lasted." via
"Obama is right (as usual). If your argument is better and you make it relentlessly, you’ll win. But if you avoid actual argument and resort to slurs, cancel culture, and ever more polarizing rhetoric, you’ll lose." via
"Conspiracy with a foreign government to intervene in an American election is clearly a high crime. The Founders were fixated on foreign influence when they came up with impeachment."
Six weeks later, is at it again in . The inaccuracies in this piece would be farcical, if they weren’t so plainly, and cynically, tactical. 1/n
Andrew Sullivan: Questions About Youth Gender Transitions
"It’s a little much for Republicans to have insisted on impeaching Clinton for a lie about an affair and yet declare this one illegitimate because the offense, while bad, did not rise to the 'high crimes and misdemeanors' standard." via
Eyebrow-raising report from Andrew Sullivan on teens who "detransition" and whether we're far too quick to give kids mentally troubled kids hormones.
"The ellipses in that “rough transcript” are the equivalent of the missing minutes from the Nixon tapes." via
The Hard Questions About Young People and Gender Transitions HT
"Every child is different and unique. His or her gender dysphoria may be due to sexual orientation or transgender identity, or be part of countless comorbid other factors. This has to be a decision based on each case, with parents and therapists involved"
Andrew Sullivan: "Impeachment exists because the Founders feared a president like Trump — corrupt, contemptuous of the Constitution, obstructing justice, dishonest... abusive of his power, & infecting domestic politics w/ the influence of foreign powers."
Andrew Sullivan: Questions About Youth Gender Transitions
"Some kids are brought by their parents to socially transition as early as 2 years old."
//How much of the extraordinary surge in transgender girls is related to their discomfort with being a lesbian? What role does homophobia play in enabling transition?//
That this kind of thinking (and the underlying scholarship) is suppressed and denounced as “transphobic” is one of great crimes of our time, given what’s at stake. These issues need to be studied without ideological pushback.