Osteosarcoma has challenged my faith, optimism, and resilience. It has also filled me with love, gratitude, and a deeper determination to improve cancer care. Here’s my reflection, published today in
"The moments I appreciate most are those when a member of my care team simply sits down, is present, & offers the unspoken message, “I am here. I see what you’re going through. I will help.”— A not-to-miss, 1st-person MD w/#cancer poignant essay
My sister was in the first year of her residency when, after a few weeks of knee pain, she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. She’s powerful and caring and smart and strong and I love her very much and she’s written a reflection here
Amazing piece by an amazing person: former mentee alum, resident & now cancer patient on how she underestimated the power of doctors to connect w hospitalized patients in . We are all pulling for you Brooke ❤️
Read "A piece of my mind" from JAMA called "Resident Report" - by a Stanford resident diagnosed with cancer. It is an amazing piece of writing. Brooke, we are with you.
I wish my life came w/ a warranty like the wedding dish that broke. For that, it was easy 2 fill out a claim & receive a perfect, identical replacement. I can’t do that 4 myself. I’m reliant on other ppl to help fix my cracks . Great writing by
There are a lot of powerful lessons in this reflection by physician on her experience living with cancer. "Racing to offer silver linings and positive spins doesn’t help. Joining the uncomfortable space of my suffering does."
Resident Report | Humanities | JAMA | JAMA Network: everyone should read. Intern with metastatic osteosarcoma.
Some of us can relate : ) <in the E.R.> "Cheeks clenched, I quickly shot down that suggestion and immediately spat out the list of orders I wanted..I transformed into the patient from hell." A physician with #cancer reports - #DoctorAsPatient
This was incredibly touching. A good reminder. "I’m terrified my oncologists have grown immune to tragedy. I want my physicians to be as driven by the fear of my death as I am." Resident Report—What a Physician With Cancer Needs From Her Doctors
Brilliantly written, with wonderful analogies. Doctor with osteosarcoma