What Is Autogynephilia? An Interview with
When I started supporting other #transwidows I had no idea about the existence of AGP. I found out about it because virtually all trans widows report autogynephile behaviour in their husbands.
Here is Louise Perry's interview of me for Quillette, on the topic of autogynephilia.
“responsible clinicians should require patients to live for a significant period of time in the cross-gender role before approving them for surgery. One year is a bare minimum, but I think that two years is preferable.”
"I know that it is possible for people to discuss autogynephilia in candid and dispassionate—or even compassionate—ways, because I have seen this happen on my Twitter feed."
GC, radfems, and feminists wielding AGP as a weapon need to be reminded of 's stance. "they tend to hurl it as an insult at male-to-female trans who offend them. That, of course, is not what I intended when I coined the term 30 years ago."
"Since most university psychologists, sociologists, and humanities professors are 'allies,' the topic of autogynephilia may be omitted from Human Sexuality or Gender Studies courses for a generation." [email protected]