43k too few nurses. 10k too few doctors. 4.4m on waiting lists. Worst cancer rates on record. But this - THIS - entirely non-evidenced & unethical idiocy is what wants to waste precious NHS funds on. Private insurers will be salivating.
it's like living in a parallel universe
No. No. No. No. No. No and NO! This is eugenics. This is so that our private medical care they've got planned for us will know in advance the illnesses the kids are likely to have - and they'll get no frikkin insurance.
“My ambition is that eventually every child will be able to receive whole #genome sequencing along with the heel prick test,” told the conference. So what protections & ban on #forensic use will there be on this whole population #DNAdatabase?
Jeepers. Have they thought this through? Or is it just an election thing?
This needs careful thought not a policy announcement during an election campaign. It could help some but will give very unwelcome information which can't be acted on to many more.
NEWS: Government unveils ambitious plan to answer the question of how many children Boris Johnson has via
This is essential forward planning so that when the NHS is privatised we can weed out anyone that would be a bad risk for the insurance companies.
All children DO NOT need whole genome sequencing at birth. That way lies GATTACA. WGS should be targeted and the privacy of the data must be ensured
Sequencing the whole genome is a piece of cake; it's the interpretation that is the hard bit, and to do THAT you need to invest in clinical geneticists, clinical scientists, genetic counsellors, bioinformaticians, research, electronic health records etc...
Surely must be some serious ethical implications from having a database of the genome of people from birth sitting around somewhere - thoughts?
Nothing to be concerned about here at all I'm sure.
Meanwhile in Liverpool- we’d just like to make sure they don’t go hungry this Christmas. Over 100,000 (for avoidance of doubt - one hundred thousand) children in the Liverpool City Region live in poverty. In 2019. On the Tories watch.
All children to receive whole genome sequencing at birth, under ambitions laid out by Matt Hancock   #WGS #NBS
he really doesn't give a crap about evidence, experts, problems, overinvestigation, the impact on the NHS etc... as long as he gets his tech
I love the idea of central decision making for the entire country. Brilliant!
Apparently the other guy is Stalin for wanting to tax the rich but the current govt is proposing gene sequencing every person at birth and that’s fine! Nothing remotely eugenic or worrying about that!
"Matt Hancock said that in future, the tests would be routinely offered, alongside standard checks on newborns, in order to map out the risk of genetic diseases, and offer “predictive, personalised” care" Paging
And the Torygraph ran a story focusing on the compulsory gene sequencing of all newborns on 5 Nov
This is a bad idea
Oh for goodness sake. All children to receive whole genome sequencing at birth, under ambitions laid out by Matt Hancock  ' | via
All UK children to receive whole genome sequencing at birth, under ambitions laid out by Matt Hancock