Must read... Anomaly and discuss the political implications of group differences in intelligence
Many people appear confused about the morality of group differences, which, Anomaly and I argue, are completely consistent with the ethics of individual respect and dignity championed by modern liberal societies.
"In fact, we think, hostility toward people who conduct research into group differences, or toward people who summarize that research publicly, may be producing more harm than the research itself." -Anomaly &
Bo Winegard continues to tread where others dare not. He and Jonathan Anomaly attack the "egalitarian fallacy" -- the "tacit assumption that accepting evidence for group differences... would undermine our reasons to treat people with respect."
Philosophia OPEN ACCESS The Egalitarian Fallacy: Are Group Differences Compatible with Political Liberalism?
A very interesting paper by Jonny Anomaly and
"By committing the egalitarian fallacy, many self-described liberals (or 'progressives') have tacitly assumed that if individual or group differences are rooted in biology, the principle of moral equality cannot be saved"