As Martin Scorsese's $159 million The Irishman hits theaters, the legendary director says the current moment is "brutal and inhospitable to art." In a world of more and better movies of all kinds, that's absurd, says .
When Scorsese inveighs against the marketplace, the public's taste, and the loss of a particular cinematic experience that he grew up with, he's mistaking the passing of his time in the sun for the end of the world, writes .
There are more movie screens and movie releases than ever, plus streaming, , , etc. But Martin Scorsese, who just released the $159 million The Irishman, says "this moment is brutal and inhospitable to art" because superhero movies. WTF?
Another factor for why Martin Scorsese is wrong about the state of cinema (see Nick's excellent article: ) is that we tend to confuse changes in ourselves with changes in our time and culture. See p. 176 in my Heavens on Earth...
I'm excited to watch Martin Scorsese's The Irishman next week when it streams on --will enjoy it all the more knowing the director of this $159 million gangster pic is bothered by home viewing cc