Excited to announce something very meta – a paper on bioRxiv about bioRxiv! 1/n
bioRxiv: the preprint server for biology #bioRxiv
A great overview for those unfamiliar with bioRxiv. bioRxiv: the preprint server for biology
biorXiv: 64'000 manuscript-strong and counting!
I didn't realize all bioRxiv preprints were archived at . Looks like a really cool preservation system.
There has been one user survey from bioRxiv in the past. This was a couple of years ago and the results are here 4/n
And a reminder for those for whom InDesign is a bridge too far that there are also great Word templates, like this one which we adapted for our own paper
Newly released paper from the team on the server’s 6-year progress, containing results of a survey of >4000 authors, readers, and others, plus info about the new API and a variety of reports that will be continually updated
i like to think our poll with a greater n showing 40% post before journal submission is a better source (bound to have some sampling bias but better than some of the anti-preprint misinfo being peddled..)
bioRxiv: the preprint server for biology
First, some links to descriptions of servers we discussed: is described in this paper, . submissions here: . here: 2/14
31s Interesting data on feedback on preprints, incl from Twitter, blogs, etc #EASEevents
Yo dawg I heard you like preprints so I put a paper about bioRxiv on your bioRxiv so that you can preprint while you preprint
As we said here “this has the potential to create a more open, equitable and efficient system for the distribution, assessment and archiving of scholarly information”
This is the sort of process we're working to enable around bioRxiv/medRxiv with technology like B2J/J2B (see ) and TRiP (), which to their great credit eLife and >150 other journals have participated in (see )
We ourselves have surveyed authors in the past. The results were presented here and we have not surveyed authors since then 2/n
bioRxiv: the preprint server for biology