Breaking News: 2 former Twitter employees were charged with using their access to spy for Saudi Arabia, renewing focus on big tech's ability to protect users
Wow. The Justice Department charges two former Twitter employees for spying for Saudi Arabia.
This just broke: Not saying it’s related, but we’ve had several Saudi refugees and dissidents on our show. The account was suspended, appeal rejected, and then strangely restored just hours later.
After op, Saudis started hacking directly into dissidents' phones via spyware. MBS' surveillance efforts are getting more aggressive, sources say, after Khashoggi's murder. By looking away, WH told "KSA that they are held to a very long leash."
story on the DoJ charging two twitter employees with spying for KSA
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BREAKING: Justice Department charged two former employees with spying for #SaudiArabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman conducted a broad effort to silence critics both inside Saudi and abroad. That included the grooming of a Saudi employee at Twitter.
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud’s stake in Twitter nbd tho via