An incredibly candid piece about the trauma economy created by #MeToo, which cuts uncomfortably against the contemporary tendency to portray accusers as one-dimensional Madonnas
"People are incentivized to view their pain, no matter how deep or how severe, as intrinsically redemptive, not for how it has impacted their lives, but for how it can be utilized by this system. " UTTERLY FASCINATING piece by
A woman candidly explains how she carefully packaged her #metoo story to leverage the female trauma economy created by the movement for personal capital gain. Her account is totally consistent with the impression I had reading many of those stories.
That this occurs under the aegis of feminism belies its true destructiveness...the rhetoric of restorative justice...barely masks the fact that the media has created an industry of trauma because it generates traffic and revenue.
Interesting piece on media exploitation of trauma & victimhood