"For Chu, 'femaleness' is the urge to be a vessel for another’s desire." Something tells me that if a "cis" man or even woman had said something like that, they'll be ripped to shreds as a reactionary, misogynist, etc.
“For Chu, “femaleness” is the urge to be a vessel for another’s desire.” *taps mic* excuse me? What in the name of misogynistic bullshit masquerading as wokeness is this?
This is the kind of lunacy you end up writing when you have no idea what being female is actually like. The misogyny is breathtaking.
.’s interview with Andrea Long Chu on her new book “Females”
I hate this article. Hate. It. It makes women women no more than empty vessels for male desire, and men no more than misogynists. Did I mention I hate it?
The idea that feminism and transgenderism can coexist is a house of cards that’ll come tumbling down sooner rather than later.
In this interview, a trans person says something I have been accused of saying but have never said. Q: “Gender is a mechanism for getting the right people to desire you.” A: “Exactly.”
Am I reading an interview with a leftist trans woman or some alt-right pua? Impossible to tell!
"Gender is the expression of someone else's sexuality." Not every day a new paradigm for understanding gender comes on stage. I'm looking forward to reading this
This is possibly paradigm shifting: "Gender is the expression of someone else’s sexuality."