Dear smart and creative people in Russia. The West does not do these things. Emigrate while you still can.
Authorities have always looked suspiciously at scientists, who tend to be stubborn and independent. When authorities turn into authoritarians, the relationship can go south quickly, as was recently demonstrated at the Lebedev Institute in Russia.
A fascinating article on a recent raid at the Lebedev Physics Institute in Moscow. via
Russia Raids a Renowned Physics Institute, and Theories Abound
The reason Russia fails. Again and again. In one story.
“It also provided a grim example of why, despite its scientific prowess, Russia has had such trouble diversifying its economy beyond just pulling oil, gas and other resources out of the ground.”
Russia Raids a Renowned Physics Institute, and Theories Abound. The armed operation targeting scientists in Moscow prompted outrage and questions about over-the-top actions by the country’s increasingly aggressive security forces.
Scientists Stalin shot: 1) Astronomers who had non-Stalinist theories of sunspots. 2) Adversaries of Trofim Lysenko, the fraudulent anti-Darwin geneticist. 3) The census board in 1938, who showed a shrinking population on account of the purges.
Russia Raided a Physics Institute. Kremlin Watchers Are Mystified.
As a scientist, this is terrifying.