While China’s global economic role is likely to be affected by political conflict with the West, it is inconceivable that the West will stop trading with China. What, then, should a workable framework for economic relations look like? asks
Trade and other policies aimed at safeguarding (or “protecting”) a country’s economic system should be presumed legitimate, says . What is not acceptable are policies that yield domestic benefits only by imposing costs on trade partners
My latest, on our joint statement on US-Chine trade relations by economists and legal scholars
How to Get Past the US-China Trade War by Dani Rodrik
US-China trade war. A working group, including five Nobel economists, proposes a middle ground between convergence and decoupling. The key is that China and the US, like all other countries, should be able to maintain their own economic model —
To frame this point slightly differently: The accompanying Project Syndicate op-ed is titled ‘How to Get Past the US-China Trade War’. 6a/