We are still in need of a few judges for student presentations in our #hydrology session on runoff generation at #AGU19! In addition to competing for OSPAs, judging can give students valuable 1-on-1 feedback. Professional members, please sign up here👇🏽.
Folks attending #AGU19. If you are not a student, you should be an OSPA judge. It's easy and rewarding for the students to get meaningful feedback from posters and talks you were planning to visit anyway. Sign up today at
If you're heading to #AGU2019 and haven't signed up as a OSPA judge, please please please consider doing so. I am grateful for the feedback I received from judges during my PhD and still think about it when making conference posters. Sign up here:
Going to #agu19? Not a student? There are nearly 100 judging spots left for the Outstanding Student Paper Award in the Deep Interior (SEDI) section: please register to judge at
AGU PP STILL needs OSPA judges for #AGU19. Go to the OSPA site and search PP listings. If a presentation doesn't receive 3 judge reports, they won't be considered for an OSPA award. Please help the PP community by serving as a judge.
Feeling thankful for your scientific community? Going to #AGU19? Sign up to be a student presentation judge! The PP section alone still has 187 judging slots to fill. I’m one of the liaisons, I’m happy to help if you’re interested or have questions!
#Cryosphere folks: Advances in #Glacier #Hydrology session is still in need of #AGU19 judges! Sign up to be a judge at Sessions C11-13A
Are you no longer a student? Are you going to #AGU19? Are you a Paleoceanographer/Paleoclimatologist? If you answered yes to all 3 questions, PLEASE SIGN UP AS AN OSPA JUDGE! There are ~143 presentations that need judges, with each needing 3 judges.