I literally once watched a journalist eat a hamburger and french fries during a press conference and then wipe his hands on the carpet
This. This is what identity politics looks like.
Can safely attest to how much fried food dominates newsrooms
Matt Gaetz: “far too many people in Washington media are trying to shape public opinion consistent w/their worldview - where you eat nothing but kale and quinoa, where those of us who cling to Bibles, guns, fried foods, real America, are looked down upon.”
yes little known fact but journalists, unlike the recent of the human species, loathe fried foods and only eat kale and quinoa bowls
This from is ignorant on a number of levels ... but extolling the virtues of eating fried food in a country with a 40 percent obesity rate is galaxy-level ignorant.
“those of us who cling to our Bibles and our guns and our fried foods and real America...” (Fried foods?)
Okay, I get that kale's bitterness relative to arugula or spinach renders it divisive, but everyone loves quinoa! It's dense in nutrients, easy to cook, and beefs up any quick meals or leftovers in your fridge. Hating quinoa is like hating rice.