Why decided to talk about the alt-right tonight. FULL SPEECH:
. exposes the alt-right movement for its increasingly extreme rhetoric and aggressive troll tactics. FULL VIDEO =>
You can see the livestream here FYI
Ben speaks here for so many American Jews who are grateful for the unique beauty of this country: “I think American-style Christianity is one of the best things to ever happen to civilization. Ever.” –
. is tossing the alt-right onto the ash heap of history. has and always will resist racism. So happy Ben is drawing the line between Conservatives and the alt-right that the media maliciously blurs.
STARTING NOW: YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series presents at Stanford University. #YAFonCampus
CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT ALT RIGHT!!! Bravo to for revealing what the msm ignores.
Dear America, is doing something important right now for the American political fabric-tune in. This is the manifest demarcation line between real conservatives & alt-Right. The altRight are aiding leftist in identity politics & antisemitism
ICYMI: brought the house down last night at Stanford University. WATCH HERE:
Ben Shapiro nails the alt-right in typical savage fashion. Watch the full video =>
Tonight is live at Stanford with . Tune in. This will be a good one.