Why decided to talk about the alt-right tonight. FULL SPEECH:
Dear America, is doing something important right now for the American political fabric-tune in. This is the manifest demarcation line between real conservatives & alt-Right. The altRight are aiding leftist in identity politics & antisemitism
CONSERVATIVES ARE NOT ALT RIGHT!!! Bravo to for revealing what the msm ignores.
Ben speaks here for so many American Jews who are grateful for the unique beauty of this country: “I think American-style Christianity is one of the best things to ever happen to civilization. Ever.” –
. is tossing the alt-right onto the ash heap of history. has and always will resist racism. So happy Ben is drawing the line between Conservatives and the alt-right that the media maliciously blurs.
. exposes the alt-right movement for its increasingly extreme rhetoric and aggressive troll tactics. FULL VIDEO =>
STARTING NOW: YAF’s Fred Allen Lecture Series presents at Stanford University. #YAFonCampus
ICYMI: brought the house down last night at Stanford University. WATCH HERE:
Ben Shapiro nails the alt-right in typical savage fashion. Watch the full video =>
Tonight is live at Stanford with . Tune in. This will be a good one.
You can see the livestream here FYI