I know, here’s a plan. Spend years demonising foreigners, making immigration seem like a bad thing, creating a hostile environment, ending free movement - and then suddenly decide ‘oh, we need them after all’.
Do the Tories want immigration to be higher or lower than it is now? Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins: "We want to have a points-based system" #r4Today | |
Tories: Let’s force EU citizens who work in the NHS to apply to stay in their home and threaten them with deportation. Also Tories: Let’s attract more NHS staff from abroad.
I can think of one way to attract more staff from the EU...also as the article points out family reunion is not addressed General election 2019: Tory plan to attract more NHS staff from abroad
If the Conservatives win #GE2019, they say they will make it easier for doctors and nurses from around the world to work in the UK after Brexit. #bbcqt
PM says it’s “vital” nurses are “properly looked after” and he’ll “look into” concerns of ⁦⁩ about overseas nurses paying for care. #GE2019
Welcome recognition of both economic and political reality here: sensible post-Brexit immigration system will need to much more open than current system for non-EU migrants.
What are the points in a "points-based immigration system"? Do you get points for being subservient, so that it's easier for the patient to hark back to the good old days of Empire and to see you fit in the role of servant?
You couldn't make it up.