Ten years ago my (& my colleagues) work emails were hacked, made public & misrepresented in a media frenzy. BBC4 will broadcast a documentary about the affair next Thursday at 9pm () Here are my thoughts on what happened ⤵
Showing on BBC4 next week - Climategate: Science of a Scandal. The biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the public by climate change deniers.
"Climategate: Science of a [Pseudo]Scandal" (fixed it for you ) 😏 | Promises to be a thoughtful and authoritative ten year retrospective on the last gasps of climate denial. Premiers Thursday Nov 14 on
doc on #Climategate is superb. Too many great contributors to mention but echoes throughout of issues that Lucy Carpenter and I raised today at #ScienceLive: what refers to the as the "firehose of shit". Everyone should watch it.
ICYMI you can watch here now the BBC documentary about the falsely named ‘’Climategate’, which was actually a massive hoax by deniers
Dette kan være en interessant dokumentar og historisk tlbakeblikk, spesielt i disse dager med klimastreik og hets mot den opplyste ungdommen.