"There is a direct link between the sugar levels in your blood and the severity of COVID disease that you get" GP Dr David Lloyd encourages people with diabetes to focus on exercise and dieting to help prevent a serious case of #COVID19 #KayBurley
"Please don't get infected." 's senior clinical lecturer , urges the public to avoid creating "new cases" of #coronavirus, as the #NHS "can't cope with a large number of people needing hospital care." Watch #KayBurley live 👉
Former Health Secretary said the decision to abandon testing and tracing in Britain will rank as "one of the biggest failures of scientific advice". He'll be joining #KayBurley at 8.05am. 📺 Channel 501 📱 Watch live:
. says the deaths of more than 50 doctors from #COVID19 in Italy must serve as an ‘urgent warning’ to the British government on personal protective equipment. The BMA's Dr Chaand Nagpaul joins #KayBurley at 8.05am. 📺 Channel 501 📱Watch live:
Nicola Sturgeon launches the SNP's #GE2019 campaign telling Boris Johnson and Westminster: "Scotland's NHS is not for sale!" #VoteSNP Watch live here:
Nicola Sturgeon says "If I was a scientist, I think I might have a little concern that politicians were looking to try to blame me for any mistakes that had been made" #Ridge Watch the show live here:
13-year-old Rafferty Collis has set up a petition to paint post boxes blue for the NHS. He joins #KayBurley at 8:40am to discuss. 📺 Channel 501 📱 Watch live:
Tony Blair on #Ridge: The problem is unless you know who has and doesn’t have it, it’s very hard to see how you return to normal life – your risk is as you start to ease the lockdown, how do you deal with any resurgence of the disease?
Risk assessment for the most vulnerable NHS staff, such as BAME doctors, is vital amidst the current pandemic. Tune into where will shortly be discussing the new guidance
TB: This is an unprecedented challenge… but it’s all about getting to mass testing as fast as possible. Right from the very beginning the issue of testing, both the PCR and antibody tests, has been crucial. Watch
TB: We should be putting everything we can behind technology & innovation, particularly when we need to get the data on who has the disease, contact tracing. We need to mobilise the private sector, along with public sector. Watch the #Ridge interview👇
Sky News is giving you the chance to directly ask your #coronavirus questions to Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Tune in at 10am on Wednesday. ✉️ Send your questions to [email protected] 📺 Channel 501 📱 Watch live:
Tune in at 8.30am, when #KayBurley will be speaking to mental health advocate, Hope Virgo and campaigner, Gerome Breen about the largest ever study into eating disorders. 📺Channel 501 📱Watch live:
Had to fight my inherent Greek tribalism and give an objective view on the Parthenon marbles' situation on Sky News today....catch it on their stream for a couple of hours here
Love is in the air on #ThePledge this week. Tune into tonight at 9pm to find out who our panel's secret admirer is...♥️♥️♥️ 📺channel 501 📱watch live:
Are you keeping fit at home? #KayBurley will be joined by The Body Coach, Joe Wicks at 8:40am to talk about keeping fit during the #coronavirus outbreak. 📺 Channel 501 📱 Watch live:
Coming up, will be on discussing our survey showing that psychiatrists are facing a worrying lack of access to #COVID19 testing and #PPE.
Her Majesty the Queen speaks live in 1 minute
At 9.15 this morning our President, Prof Sir Robert Lechler, will be live on with talking about the UK’s response to #coronavirus - watch here
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