NEW: Democrats in six pivotal battleground states want a moderate nominee and overwhelmingly prefer one who will seek common ground w Rs instead of a bold liberal agenda Latest NYT/Siena poll, which was not taken on Twitter dot com, w >
“The divisions go beyond ideology and ambition: Older, nonwhite Ds and those without college degrees strongly favor Mr. Biden. But younger Ds of all races prefer Ms. Warren & Mr. Sanders, while those with college degrees overwhelmingly prefer Ms. Warren.”
A New York Times/Siena College of Democratic primary voters in most pivotal general election battleground states in the U.S. shows that Democrats prefer a moderate presidential nominee who would bridge the partisan divide in Washington, D.C.
Headline is completely deceptive. Biden leads, followed by progressives Warren & Sanders. Add up Warren/Sanders, it's more than Biden. So don't more voters actually prefer progressive? Democrats in Battleground States Prefer Moderate Nominee, Poll Shows
Biden leads by a margin nearly identical to national polls across the six closest states carried by the president. Biden 27 Warren 19 Sanders 16 He leads in Fla, Mich, Penn, Ariz and NC, but trails Warren in Wisc / with the story >>
CC: "As the Democratic candidates intensify their argument over how best to defeat Trump, their core voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona & Florida are counseling them to pursue a political middle ground."
Since I can't imagine Bloomberg's team has polling showing them doing well by name, this is probably what they're chasing. And yet when you look at how that translates into votes, Warren+Bernie tops Biden+[choose your neolib fighter] everywhere but NC.
If only someone had something... every day.. for two-plus years...
NYT: Buttigieg "has scant support in the battleground states and despite winning a wave of attention in recent months, he was one of several candidates to poll at zero percent among black voters in those states."