Ashley Bianco, the woman fired by CBS for her role in the hot mic Amy Robach clip, sits down with me in an exclusive interview HERE
Megyn Kelly interview is live!
13. Ashley Bianco tells that she was shocked when she was fired and wasn't given the chance to defend herself. Bianco says she's concerned she'll never be allowed to work in the industry again.
An independent gets a big scoop, sits down with the fired CBS staffer Ashley Bianco in connection to leaked ABC video on alleged Epstein cover-up
⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ How can you destroy this woman’s life?There is a new #metoo movement that will come. And it will come for bullies like you. Where is the fairness and justice promised by our new SJ overlords? ⁦⁩ #MegynKelly
12. Here is 's interview with the Ashley Bianco the producer who was fired by CBS News this week. Bianco tells Megyn Kelly that she only clipped the Amy Robach hot mic moment in the internal ABC News system and never exported it.
Bianco's interview here makes it clear Robach's outburst was widely discussed at ABC. Seems to me Robach knew what she was doing; you don't unload like that on-camera, with microphone on, if you don't want a lot of folks to hear your concerns.
. doesn't need a network. Every network needs Megyn Kelly.
ABC conspired to get a CBS employee fired over a clip revealing a massive, network-wide conspiracy...a clip she never leaked and never watched, per the woman's interview with .
The ABC staffer who clipped the Amy Robach rant about having the Jeffrey Epstein story says she didn't leak the video to Project Veritas (they also say she's not the leaker).