"Bolton had relayed a message to the State Department that the funding could go ahead. It’s not clear whether Bolton, who resigned from the job a week later, did so with Trump’s approval." via
Huge! Trump didn't release Ukraine's aid money on 9/11. He lied. Before 9/9 (i) State & Defense Depts lawyers called Trump's hold "illegal," (ii) Bolton told them to go ahead w/ funding & (iii) Trump fired him on 9/10. via
State and DOD lawyers reportedly found OMB’s hold on the congressionally allocated aid to Ukraine unlawful, and Bolton of all people may have told State to go ahead and release it, according to Bloomberg
Mulvaney/OMB aides have repeatedly denied there was concern about legality of withholding Ukraine aid when we've reported it. Bloomberg says State Dept released aid sooner than POTUS agreed because a memo found the admin had no legal standing to block it.
President Trump says he lifted his freeze on aid to Ukraine on Sept. 11. But the State Department had quietly authorized releasing $141 million of the money several days earlier. via
Interesting piece. I doubt withholding an entire appropriation fits within OMB's task of apportionment. But in any case OMB doesn't outrank Cabinet agencies. This aid couldn't have been held up by OMB on its own. It had to be at the direction of Trump.