'Crossing' after 20 years: "Reflections on My Decision to Change Gender," by Deirdre McCloskey. What a read
recently published an essay by Deirdre McCloskey that many people seem to admire.
This is a lovely article. Many props to and for once again being the place people choose to share their free thoughts.
This is definitely an interesting read and it’s hard not to feel sympathy for McCloskey. Still, she’s not a simple a victim in the world and if you need proof of that, read about what she did to
Powerful, incredible essay by about her transition (which she started in 1995). Worth more than just one read. Thanks cc
Recommended. I read it twice. Devastating at points. I truly enjoy how she writes (even in the other piece from a few days ago on RCTs vs Liberty, which I disliked, I admit I chuckled once or twice ...) Reflections on My Decision to Change Gender
Deirdre McCloskey's beautifully written and affecting reflection on the twenty years since her transition.
Deirdre McCloskey’s account of her gender transition is emotionally taxing, sometimes humorous
Reflections on My Decision to Change Gender (excellent read!)
Humanity, scholarship, humor, wow. Read. Reflections on My Decision to Change Gender, via ⁦
Eloquently written & poignant story. Shunning by her family for a lifetime of this responsibly transitioned adult a very cruel punishment for their disappointment
A beautiful essay by the economist Deirdre McCloskey Via
You forgot Deirdre McCloskey, who is probably the most famous transgender woman on that list, and who has written eloquently about her transition and the abuse she endured for it.