Harvard University’s Undergraduate Council calls on to stop interviewing people on both sides of issues. h/t
Remember study I wrote about last year showing that fifty percent of writers and editors at the NYT and WSJ come from a small slice of elite colleges? That's why stuff like Harvard students turning against request for comment matters. They control norms
harvard's student government now getting in on this too
Student-run independent newspaper is taking the right stand on this one Student gov is condemning Crimson for *seeking comment* from ICE, in covering anti-ICE protest I am no fan of ICE + its excesses. But respect CrimEds for their stand
Ostensibly with good intentions, undergraduate council passes motion that undercuts the basic journalistic practices of a free press, in this case of . Pertinently, we cannot make things like ICE disappear simply by not taking to them.
Harvard Undergraduate Council in formal vote presses to stop reporting on public protests or calling all sides for comment.
Harvard Undergraduate Council Votes to Support “Act on a Dream” Against The Crimson - effectively taking a stand against the practice of ethical journalism. ⁦