No, Evo Morales' resignation is not a coup; it is one of the few big victories democracy has won in recent years. Both leftist dictators, like Venezuela's Maduro, and far-right populists, like Hungary’s Orbán, should be terrified by it. Me .
Western leftists who said Chavez/Maduro should stay in power forever got very quiet when food riots, repression & mass emigration began. Now they're saying the same things about Evo Morales. Fortunately, the Bolivian people aren't listening to them.
This article uses the term "populist" 12 times & now add Czech to the list of populist countries. Evo Morales’s departure from office marks a sea change in Latin American politics, writes .
“The many scholars, writers, and politicians who have for years sung the praises of aspiring dictators like Maduro and Morales should not be easily forgiven for sacrificing the rights of distant people on the altar of their rigid ideology.”
Think your read is off here - esp if you think Bolivia genuinely voted to reelect him - good account here that scans with my regional contacts
Good read on the subject.